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to St. Luke's Greek School

“I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well.”
- Alexander the Great -


About Our Program

Saint Luke's Greek School is a center of learning dedicated to the teaching and preservation of the Greek language. We strive to educate our students with relevant programs and materials directly from Greece, aiming to provide a strong foundation in both written and verbal communication.

Board of Directors

Our administrators and teachers actively work to maintain the standards and values of the Saint Luke's Greek School in order to fulfill its mission of teaching the Greek language. Their efforts help shape the educational and community-based programs that give students a firsthand experience of the Greek culture.

2016 Greek School

Additional Resources

Greek School Teachers & Staff

View the teachers currently involved with the Saint Luke's Greek School.

Parent Teacher Organization 

Learn more about joining our PTO and how to get involved in events and activities for our Greek School students.

School Photo Gallery

Get a glimpse of what Saint Luke's Greek School is like with a photo gallery of our past students and events.

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